We are Project Earth Rock

Jess Gold, George Christie and Leon Fenster are the artists/educators behind the award-winning Project Earth Rock. They wish to address the challenge of how to teach about climate change in a genuinely engaging manner in primary schools. They have created a fun musical tool for class teachers to use to inspire their pupils to help create a sustainable world. Jess, George and Leon formed the company Big Green Machine where Project Earth Rock is housed.
What you are going to learn

Through catchy songs and engaging animations your KS2 pupils will learn how to make a cleaner, greener and more climate-safe world. This award-winning musical approach is cross-curricular and will engage your class with concepts that can sometimes be hard to make relevant to their daily lives.

Jess Gold and the Project Earth Rock team have created a resource to help schools teach about the new topics of sustainability and climate change through catchy songs and animations.
Each lesson module contains:
A lesson plan with curriculum references
  • Smartboard/Powerpoint slides
  • Song-teaching video
  • Karaoke video
  • Lyrics sheet
  • An animation
  • Sheet music

Jess Gold

Musician and Educator

Jess co-founded School Councils UK and oversaw the roll out of ground-breaking school council resources reaching 50% of UK schools. Having become involved in Friends of the Earth, she began refocussing her educational interests into climate change and sustainability. As a sing-songwriter she was well placed to explore the important role of the arts in enabling children and adults understand new ways of helping create a climate safe future. Through workshops and her concert programme, “The Greener Transport Show”, she trialled materials that evolved into Project Earth Rock.
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