Frequently asked questions

Does my school need Project Earth Rock, and will it help me teach the national curriculum?

Supporting classroom singing, saving energy, active travel, improving recycling, courageous advocacy, are any of these on your agenda? If yes, then Project Earth Rock is a great resource for your school. Your pupils will be inspired by the catchy songs, vibrant karaoke videos and funny animations. It is cross curricular and references the English and Scottish curricular but is helpful to schools globally.

Do you have any ongoing teacher support programmes?

This year, beginning in September 24, we are running an online peer group for implementing Project Earth Rock. You will receive full access for just 25% of the RRP. The group will be supported by Jess Gold, our founder. You will provide us with feedback of your experience of using Project Earth Rock. This offer is for all UK schools outside London. Reach out via our 'contact us' page to find out more or on twitter @ProjEarthRock

Who are the Project Earth Rock resources for, and do I need training to use them?

These resources have been designed to be used by any primary teacher, no training required. The lesson plans have been written for upper Key Stage 2/ Second level but can be adapted for a year above or below. The song videos and animations are used more broadly, including for Key Stage 1/First level

I would like to try Project Earth Rock with my pupils before I make a purchase, is this possible?

You can access the whole resource for free for 30 days if you sign up for our free trial. Once your trial expires, you can continue to access the whole resource through this website once payment is completed.

How many resources are there?

There are 12 themes that cover pupil voice as well as climate change and sustainability. Each theme is a self contained multi media package with 3 videos, a lesson plan, lesson slides, sheet music and worksheets, so there are 84 resources in total.

How much does Project Earth Rock cost?

The price relates to the number of pupils in your school. It ranges from £100 to £400 per year. We know school funds are stretched so we are delighted to inform you that, due to a visionary funder, we are able to ensure that any school that wishes to, is be able to subscribe. Get in touch so that we can agree a discount that meets the needs of your budget. 

Can Jess Gold come to my school? 

Jess tours with a live artist and loves visiting schools. You can contact her through the 'contact us' page on the website and she will send you information.

Help! I can't access a theme

If you have any problems accessing Project Earth Rock, please get in touch through our 'contact us' page and we will sort the problem out for you.

My school needs an invoice before they can approve payment. Can you provide me with one?

If you need an invoice in advance, please let us know by clicking ‘contact us’ and we will arrange this for you.

I need an invoice for the school's accounts. How do I get one?

When the payment has been completed you will receive an invoice by email that you can pass on to your school administrator.

Can more than one person log into a school account?

Yes they can. You only get one email and passcode, but you are welcome to share this with colleagues in your own school.

Will you refund my school if I cancel my registration?

You can trial Project Earth Rock for free for 30 days. We are unable to offer refunds. You do have the option to purchase on a month by month basis.
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