Using music and art in environmental education provides an innovative way to make teaching more experiential and memorable.

Each Project Earth Rock theme comes as a complete ready-to-use multimedia resource.

Song teaching videos

Directed by George Christie and featuring Jess Gold, the videos are a ground-breaking approach to teaching songs in the primary school classroom. Jess appears ‘live’ with her guitar and teaches the song by breaking it into short sections, then she leads the class through the whole song.


Created by Leon Fenster, the animations illustrate concepts covered in the songs in an entertaining fashion and stimulate discussion at the start of the lesson. Complex ideas are made simple through the use of original stories and charming imagery.

Lesson plans

Written by primary school teacher Rachel Goodman and Jess Gold, these cross-curricular lessons support singing and sustainability for years 5 and 6 and second level, Scotland. They bring all the media elements together. English and Scottish curriculum references are provided.

Sheet music

Composer Joseph Finlay has created accessible piano arrangements. Pitched at piano grade 4/5, they are great for school assemblies or concerts and can be played either by the school pianist or a competent student. Guitar chords and separate lyric sheets are provided.

Karaoke videos

The karaoke videos are based on art created by hundreds of primary school children, repeat viewings reap continuing rewards as amusing details emerge each time. The videos conclude each Project Earth Rock lesson, but are also ideal if the teacher has a spare 5 minutes at the end of the day. 

Lesson slides

The interactive smartboard slides, illustrated by Leon Fenster, are a great additional visual aid for the class teacher. They work well in a standard lesson but also allow for tweaks, changes and additions to suit your particular class.
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